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Former Hellinikon Airport, Athens, GREECE

hellinikon mall

Client: F.IG Developement A.E

Project Description: B+G+Mz+3

Area:  33437

Details: 14815 Retail Area

Year: 2021

Conceptual hand & digital sketches, CAD+REVIT plans, 3D model & 3D renders: George Dimitsas

Role: Lead Architect - Principal Concept Designer

Status: Design Competition

The Redevelopment of the Hellinikon (former Hellinikon airport) is a pioneering project for Athens, with great emphasis on the creation of a world-class metropolitan park, as well as the enhancement of the coastal front fully accessible to the public.


In 2021 ©DimitsasDesign participated in the Hellinikon International Design Competition for the Luxury Residential & Sustainable Urban Masterplanning category.


Situated near to the central Park of the urban masterplan, this eco-friendly yet modern design shopping center will consist of one underground level dedicated to parkings, a central plaza with coffee shops on the ground floor, one mezzanine, three floors of retail space, and a green outdoor area with a food court on the roof.


By implementing sustainable design strategies such as rooftop gardens and green vertical walls that will absorb as much CO2 as possible, the mall will strive to create a more eco-friendly environment.


In addition, building design strategies that are influenced by Kinetic Architecture will be prominent in the overall layout and design of the building, allowing parts of it to move without reducing its structural integrity.

10  /   04   /   2021

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