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Former Hellinikon Airport, Athens, GREECE

The Hellinikon tower

5  /   06   /   2021

Client: Private

Project Description: G+3P+24

Area: 34420

Details: 132 LUX apartments

Year: 2021

Conceptual hand & digital sketches, CAD+REVIT plans, 3D model & 3D renders: George Dimitsas

Role: Lead Architect - Principal Concept Designer

Status: Design Competition

The Redevelopment of the Hellinikon (former Hellinikon airport) is a pioneering project for Athens, with great emphasis on the creation of a world-class metropolitan park, as well as the enhancement of the coastal front fully accessible to the public.


George participated in the International Design Competition for the Luxury Residential & Sustainable Urban Masterplanning category.  


Situated on the waterfront, the tower's sustainable design enables its mechanical systems to tap into its adjacent water source to cool and heat the building daily. Additionally, geo-harnessing technology of wind and PVS play critical roles in the building's reusable energy strategies .


The Tower is composed of Retail Areas in the Ground level, 2 sky Lobbies, 3 Podium parking, 1 amenity floor with common Landscaped recreational area beside the infinity pool and the Gym area overlooking to the pool and the sea, 21 residential floors & 2 additional levels with Duplex apartments.  


The overall design is based on as few material components as possible sculpturing a BOLD, comprehensible and structural grammar, large horizontal and vertical concrete along with vertical massive & visible steel structure elements which highlight the Architecture of the shape. 


The Tower provides 132 Luxurious 2 & 3 bedroom apartments with most of them facing the sea with large glass openings dissolving the boundary between building and nature.

In this design, the dominant conceptual idea was to portray a boat’s bow that stands vertically in front of the Marina.

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